Lovely Flowers: Seoullo 7017

At Seoullo 7017 you can find lots of different kinds of species of flowers, plants, trees and grasses. Today, I took some photos of flowers there. 💐

“Every flower is a soul blooming in nature.” ~Gerard de Naval


“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” ~Lady Bird Johnson


“Flowers are love’s truest language” ~Park Benjamin


“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

“In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends.” ~Okakura Kakuz

“Flowers are the music of the earth.” ~Marty Rubin

“Every flower must grow through dirt.” ~Laurie Jean Sennott

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

“Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul”




SEOULLO 7017 was opened to public last May 20, 2017. This is located in the heart of Seoul, a 938m- overpass starting from Manli-dong to Namdaemun Market, where you can able to see or view the streets below from above. 

SEOULLO 7017 derived its name from the Seoul Station overpass that was built in the 1970’s and been transformed into a modernized and beautiful sky garden this year of 2017. There are approximately 24,000 kinds of plants and flowers that fill the garden and have a 4 meter high pillars located along the Seoullo that will turn into lamps at night.

The way going to or from Manli-dong Plaza.

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Summer is On!

Do you love summer? Well, I love summer but not all the time because it makes me sick and gives me a bad headache.

What reminds you on summer season? The beach… I know a lot people loves the beach. Summer season foods like halo-halo, this is actually a Philippine food so if you are in Korea bingsu is the one best food on summer season or the cold noodles.

My first summer here was last year and this year will be my second time.  We went to the valley, beach and waterpark. From our way to the valley, there’s a place where you can stopped by, eat and take picture from the beautiful view of the mountain. My husband’ s family went to a camping last 2012.

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Life in Korea: The Negative Side

South Korea is one of the most highly developed country in the world. It is also an amazing place filled with beautiful scenery and people. Living or visiting here is such a dream to everyone but adjusting to life here can be challenging. Since culture and language is far different from other country.

South Korea is  a place that has many things to offer.  From its traditional villages, huge theme parks, theme cafes, beautiful mountains, of course beautiful faces of kpop idols and korean drama actors and actresses. There is no such place in South Korea where you can’t find something interesting. You might fall in love in every angle of this place. So many have thought about living or visiting here. This place can be called as happy due to its entertainment but sad to say reality vs. expectations are far far different.

But there is no such a perfect place in the world. This country might seem to be attractive but still it has its own dark side. As an expat, I have seen the inner beauty and outside darkness of this country.  This country have the fastest internet, beautiful tourists spots, unique and delicious foods, clean and safe neighborhood, have the intensive railways, highways, bus routes, ferry services and air routes that can make you travel anywhere inside the country nor criss-cross the world. These are the things I like to live here but suddenly I have some thoughts of not staying here too for the rest of my life.

Cost of Living. Living expenses is very very expensive, from clothes, foods, education, health most specially the house. Renting is very expensive. You need thousands of money before you can secure an apartment here. And honestly, korean wage is quite low compare to the cost of living. So all people here are busy, they need to work hard and earn money.  Some doesn’t even have time for their family just to make a living. Whenever I go outside, I see old people who are selling on the street, some are picking up garbages like boxes and plastic bottles. Its heartbreaking actually ㅠㅠ there’s the truth that if you don’t have a work and money here you can’t live. 

Discrimination. Racism here is one of the social problem. There’s a time no one even wanted to sit beside me and some even say Filipinos are bad people. But most of the times they always give a sit because of my son and old people always cheerful to greet us and have a little chit chat with me.  

Drinking Culture. Drinking culture in South Korea is a big part of their life and seems like all koreans are drinking, men or women. But sad to say that this culture became a bad habit and its unlikely to quit as soon as possible. As the years go by, it became worst. Some says that drinking is just a session to build bonds with people and business. Its true actually. But now adays, drinking is a problem. Many have drunk too much and woke up in the street the next day. Some were just drinking and partying but after became violent. As the commercial says drink moderately, excessive drinking is not and not good for the health.

Smoking. South Korea have the highest rate of male smokers and have the lowest rate of female smokers. Before smokers can lit up anywhere in Korea but this time there are restricted places and they are designated places where to smoke. The common factor why men have the highest number of smokers is the low prices of cigarettes. But in January 2015 the price became doubled. The government is trying to do its best to cut down the high rate of smoking in the country. 

Prostitution. Prostitution in Korea is illegal. But according to The Korea Women’s Development Institute, sex trade is in the country was estimated to  amount of 14 trillion South Korean won or about $13 billion in 2007. Despite the legal actions the government and police crackdowns, prostitution is still alive in South Korea because the sex workers continue to actively resists the state’s activities.

We might see how beautiful South Korea is, but we should not forget that life won’t be balance if there is negative energy. So its our own choice to accept and just go on or escape and have a new life in a place where we can have a happier life. Or just ask yourself “Am I living in a boring heaven or exciting hell?” ♡

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Tea House Whitebirch Story Cafe (자작나무이야기)

Yesterday I was bored at home so I decided to go back to Anguk where Bukchon Hanok Village is located. Then on my way there I saw this familiar Tea House~ This “Tea House Whitebirch Story” or known as 자작나무이야기 was featured in the Korean drama Goblin where Eun Tak and Sunny went together.

The location of this tea house is not actually where people can see it right away. But if you are good at following directions you can find it easily.

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Seoul’s TOP 5 Romantic Places for Couples



Seoul is the all-time favorite place of foreign visitors in South Korea. Why?  Because Seoul has many to offer. It is a place where modern and traditional architecture are built where is shows a beautiful landscape where you can’t resist. One more thing it is one of the best and perfect destination for couples who are traveling together. Seoul is like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. As I have lived in Seoul for  a year, I have listed the Top 5 Romantic Places where couples can visit.

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First Sunrise of 2017: South Korea

This post is very late since it’s already mid-of-the-year but I would like to share this to all of you.

Every sunrise is a miracle. It’s a great blessing for everyone of us. This year 2017, as a tradition in South Korea to watch the first sunrise of the year I was glad that God woke up me to see his greatest gift. God made beautiful things for us to remind us that even though life is hard sometimes still “life is beautiful”. So always remember, God is always there for us. Sunrise reminds us new beginnings everytime we wake up. It gives us another day to be strong and face every challenges that we have. Just keep on moving and believing that we can move mountains no matter how hard it is. ^♡^

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